Warriors Come in All Sizes

The Anthony Poselovich Memorial Foundation is dedicated to helping the families of children with cancer. Our organization provides assistance to families with children, ages 0-12, who have been diagnosed with cancer in Western New York. We provide monetary support to assist with medical bills, funeral and obituary costs, and we also help families find ways to make new, happy memories together by providing tickets to events, amusement parks, museums and zoos so that siblings and sick children can just be kids for a little while.

Anthony’s Story

Anthony Jason Poselovich was only 11 months old when he was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Although he passed only three years later, in his short life Anthony did not let cancer define him. Anthony is defined by the incredibly gifted young man he was and will always be in the minds and hearts of all who knew him. Anthony loved all, but especially family, baseball, Monster trucks and the movie Cars. Whether it was the simple toss of a baseball in the backyard from his dad, the roar of a fire truck, or cuddle time with Mom, Anthony experienced and shared true joy and love. He shared this joy with everyone, anywhere, and even today. His smile, his pure, unadulterated enjoyment of life inspires us today. At Wegman’s , Frontier Field, McDonald’s (for a plain cheeseburger, no ketchup), or at home, Anthony shared a enlightened sense of blissfulness, a sense of unrivaled happiness. His smile changed moments, days, and lives. The lives he touched cannot be numbered, cannot be defined; those affected were young, old, known, strangers, sick, and well. He touched everyone. We are better for having known him, having loved him, and having shared his legacy, his life, and his light.



During the course of our journey with Anthony we met many families in the same unenviable positions. Unfortunately, all too often many of these families lacked sufficient resources and insurance coverage, rendering it difficult to meet their financial obligations. Instead of being able to focus on their child’s health and treatment, some families have the additional burden of being unable to fund co-payments for prescriptions or treatments. Some struggle with providing for their other children during the holidays. Should the unthinkable occur and their child loses their battle with cancer, some cannot afford a proper burial or to tell family and friends their child has passed away. The mission of the Anthony Poselovich Memorial Foundation is to assist these families and ease their pain.

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